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A Shooting Star aims to help the neediest young women coming from very poor families. These women never had a chance to go to school and cannot read or write. In their younger years, they never had the chance to be like other wealthier little children, playful and carefree . Instead, they were forced into child labour very early on in their lives, and many were even forced into an arranged marriage with a man they hadn’t chosen themselves.

A woman’s role in Indian society is to bear children, preferably boys, and to take care of the home. I have visited the village Tiruppattur, in the state Tamil Nadu in southern India, many times. The men there are very dominating and the women and the girls are viewed as having little to no worth. They are abused and humiliated by their own husbands and fathers, and this is particularly extreme if they are unable to give birth to a son.

Many people in the poorest parts of Tamil Nadu will never receive financial support from the government, because of the problematic and complicated caste system in India. Certain caste levels receive some support, but those born into a lower caste are simply ignored! These poor women will never be respected by other wealthier women in society, nor will they receive any support at all. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Very often the husband ends up leaving his wife and children to start a new relationship and family with another woman. The abandoned women are often too frightened to tell the truth and often lie about their husbands’ whereabouts. They fear that they will not be respected in society and by those wealthier than them. They tell them that their husbands are working far away from home and are therefore not seen at home very often. This is when the real hell starts for these women and their children - a life on the streets! Nowhere to go and nothing to eat! This is where A Shooting Star wants to help!

As a sponsor for a needy, young mother you can help this woman to find a better and brighter future! Your donation will provide her with nutritious meals, safe drinking water, warm clothing, medicine, a chance at education and other necessities every young woman needs. Your donation will also give this woman a chance to give her own children a better life! The amount of your donation is individual and voluntary; you decide how much you would like to donate! All donations are welcome!

There are no limitations to the sponsorships and you can also decide how long you would like to be a sponsor. You can follow the development of your sponsored person through the newsletters from Esther, our representative in Tiruppattur and you can also correspond with the young mother you sponsor in letters, or by sending small gifts directly to her. Needless to say; you will become a very important person in this woman’s life! Just knowing that you have reached out and given a helping hand will mean a lot to her, giving her the wonderful knowledge that someone like you cares!

With the help of our sponsors, we can provide needy young women with the essentials for a better life, and these women can start looking toward a brighter future, not only for themselves, but also for their children!

You can feel secure in the fact that A Shooting Star will channel your donation directly to the young woman and her children you sponsor and will not go to any other organizational cause.

You can make a difference! Support a mother in need!

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