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Where we help

Vuurpijlen in action!

Yong school students from SBO de Vissel in Landgraaf (The Netherlands) have started a food and medical project for helping hungry and sick street children till the better in poor India!
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Project '' Pink table ''
Will be holding the whole year for getting contributions for helping abandoned unwanted small girls in the slum of Chennai.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Lianne and her daughter from Rotterdam has together with friends from school been gathering beutiful toys for children in the 3rd world of India!...»

The new revamp clothes team!

colourful clothes made of yarn for street children in southeastern India, from the revamp clothes team, Bjurholm!...»

Vega brings warmth

Vega’s hobby is to revamp clothes! From yarn leftovers, she has made baby caps, blankets, socks and other warm clothing!...»

Jennelie’s school project!

Jennelie Korbes is 11 years old and a student at MIS (Munich International School). Her school project has made 95 street children’s biggest dream come true: to put an end to their hunger!...»

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