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We help children living on the streets under extreme circumstances in the most poverty-stricken areas in southern India. These street children are often the children who would have been much better off if they had grown up in a wealthy family, with plenty of opportunities to go to school and wear beautiful school uniforms. A poor child on the other hand, has to help his or her mother to earn money so necessary to their survival by being forced into hard child labour. A poor child’s greatest dream is to simply have food on the table every day, and to go to school. As a sponsor you can help make this child’s simple dream come true! For only € 3 per month, you will be helping a child in southern India to get an education! And for € 10 a month, poor children can live in a better and safer environment.

Your contribution gives a child food, clean drinking water, clothing, medicine, education and other desperately needed necessities. Your donation is contributed to individuals. Donate an amount that feels right to you. All contributions, however small, are more than welcome!

The sponsorship is voluntary and you can be a sponsor for as long as you want. When you become a sponsor, you will receive your own photo gallery with pictures and a newsletter describing your child’s life and the progress he or she has made. Through the newsletter and photos you will receive periodically, you will be able to follow your child’s exit from poverty! If the child is old enough to write, you’ll even receive letters and drawings. You will become a significant person in this child’s life!

A small amount makes a big difference. Become a sponsor!

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